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Press Play for this Important Announcement


We are thrilled to announce the launch of our new OPEN Ecommerce platform – The OPEN EduTech Market, where on July 24, 2024, we also debut our new IoT development courses and accompanying IoT Education Kits with our partner, RAKwireless.

We want first to thank Ken Yu, CEO, and his great team from RAKwireless for their vision of how modular IoT components could be combined into well-organized application packages for industry verticals to best meet the demands for the increasingly important segment in education technology around IoT hands-on STEM learning.

Applying learning to real-world sustainable community development is the focus and mission of OPEN’s educational and solutions offerings. It was a logical fit for RAKwireless to come together with OPEN to offer Education Kits that could match our vision of applied education to address real-world global environmental, social, and business challenges.

The initial focus of our OPEN-RAK IoT development courses will concentrate on OPEN’s three environmental education application areas, and be linked to our related subject area courses on:

  • Food security – sustainable agriculture/forestry
  • Climate change monitoring and research
  • Air quality monitoring and research

Please explore our new Ecommerce site and sign up for our initial RAK-OPEN development courses, related subject area courses, and network services to connect your sensors to OPEN’s global network – One Planet Sensor Network (OPSN) to view your sensor data from any device, anytime and from anywhere.

Many more courses and products and services are in the works so stay tuned by signing up for our announcements news feeds, and visit our site here for updates.

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