🚀 OPEN EduTech Market Launch on July 24th! 🚀

We are pleased to announce the grand opening of the OPEN EduTech Market on July 24, 2024 – your ultimate destination for innovative educational programs, IoT sensors, DIY Sensor Kits and course modules, and AI-ML Management tools. With an application focus on sustainable community development, our mission is to advance education and prepare students of all ages to survive and thrive in this challenging and exciting job market being driven by AI-ML and AI robots.

🌟 What We Offer 🌟

  1. IoT Sensor Development Courses:
    • 📚 Dive into our comprehensive IoT courses designed to teach you everything from basic sensor assembly and programming to advanced sensor integration. Our courses include:
      • Core Course Module 0: Basic Sensor Development: Build a LoRaWAN weather and environmental monitoring station
      • Advanced Course Modules: High-Precision CO2 Sensors, VOC Sensor Integration, and Particulate Monitoring Sensors
  2. Sustainable Agriculture Courses:
    • 🌱 Our sustainable agriculture courses equip you with the knowledge and skills needed for regenerative farming. Join our global citizen science initiative to make a real impact.
      • Sustainable Agriculture Citizen Science Course
      • Introductory Course Integrating Intelligent Sensors in Apiculture to Maximize Green Outcomes: Learn to integrate and use sensors to monitor beehive health and optimize honey production.
  3. Sensor Data Dashboard Services:
    • 📊 With our One Planet Sensor Network (OPSN) Onboarding and Dashboard Services, you can visualize and analyze data from your deployed IoT sensors. This service includes:
      • Custom Data Dashboards: Initially for environmental and agricultural monitoring
      • RAK Helium LoRaWAN Gateway Integration: Seamlessly connect your sensors to the OPSN network
  4. Hardware Kits:
    • 🔧 We offer standalone IoT education kits and combined kits with related courses for guided learning. Our hardware kits are perfect for both beginners and experienced developers and include everything needed for specific projects like agricultural and environmental monitoring.
  5. Hardshare Virtual Sensor Arrays and Course Modules:
    • 💻 Learn basic and advanced programming of IoT sensors online using just a browser. Save your firmware and flash to your own hardware when ready.
  6. Coming Soon:
    • 📅 Courses on data analytics, AI, and the IoT Industry; and application-specific IoT Sensor Mission Hardware Packs and Solutions Services.

🌍 Why Choose OPEN EduTech Market? 🌍

  • Cutting-Edge Technology: State-of-the-art IoT sensors and AI-ML Crop and Farm Management
  • Comprehensive Courses: From basic sensor development to advanced IoT applications
  • Expert Support: Dedicated customer support for technical and course-related queries
  • Sustainability Focus: Courses and tools designed to promote sustainable community development

Mark your calendars for July 24, 2024, and get ready to explore the OPEN EduTech Market. We invite you to discover our range of products and courses designed to empower learners, educators, and community developers worldwide.

Let’s build a sustainable future together! 🌿