OPEN’s STEM Education Professional Development Workshops for Special Education Schools.

More TV News coverage on our US Embassy Nigeria supported STEM teacher training workshops January 17-21 Abuja, Nigeria –  Strengthening Educators in Special Schools to Institutionalize STEM Education Development for Inclusive Economic Growth and Development

In a groundbreaking move to foster inclusivity in education, the One Planet Education Network (OPEN) has spotlighted a critical oversight in the nation’s capital: the absence of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) curricula in special schools. This revelation came during a news conference where education sector veterans underscored the immense benefits that STEM education could offer children with special needs.

OPEN’s advocacy emphasizes how incorporating STEM into special schools could significantly empower persons living with disabilities, not only in Nigeria but globally. By doing so, it opens up future career possibilities, marking a crucial step towards inclusive educational practices that cater to all students’ needs.

The initiative calls for concerted government action to introduce policies and programs aimed at developing skilled educators for implementing the STEM curriculum in special education. Recognizing the current gap in teacher preparedness, the initiative also suggests starting with fundamental training for educators, potentially focusing on more accessible aspects of STEM, like computer coding and software development.

To actualize this vision, OPEN is orchestrating a STEM awareness project targeting special schools across the country, with the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) serving as the launching pad. This effort not only aims to enrich the educational experiences of students with special needs but also to lay the groundwork for a more inclusive and technologically adept future workforce.