Agriculture Education Kit Sensor Development Course Module 1

Agriculture Education Kit – Sensor Development Course Module 1

(4 course modules to successfully complete for Agriculture Education Kit Certificate)


Project Application – Smart School Garden/Farm Monitoring

With this initial Agriculture Education Kit Sensor Course Module 1 you can build and program a weather station for your school garden or smallholder farm or agriculture research site.

Your students will begin to learn about the fast growing IoT sensor network global market and be exposed to business opportunities within this exciting and important technology sector. They will learn the basics of IoT hardware development, coding of hardware firmware to make your sensors operate and relay data to your users.

With this sensor successfully built, programmed, enclosed in weatherproof IP rated enclosure, and deployed by your learners, the OPEN Team can then onboard your sensors to OPEN’s global sensor data network (GSDN).

You data can be displayed via our OPEN Data Dashboard Service. With our data network and dashboard services your organization will get continual data feeds from the following set of sensors:

  • Barometric pressure data
  • Air temperature
  • Humidity
  • CO2 greenhouse gas above ground readings
  • Air quality Data

Data can then be anonymously shared among OPEN citizen science teams worldwide, and international science researchers. Your data would contribute to our collective knowledge on climate change, sustainable agriculture/forestry, and even local air quality.

To purchase our additional Global Sensor Data Network (GSDN) onboarding and Data Dashboard Services see description and link below.

Learning Outcomes

Students will see the relevance of coding and sensor technologies for improving farm productivity in a sustainable manner to combat hunger and food insecurity around the world.

Designed for real world deployments in school gardens (indoors or outdoors), and for smallholder farms, this course will guide learners in building and testing a set of weather sensors, next a soil moisture probe, rain gauge, and light sensor.

When complete and inserted in the garden plots this initial weather station, the soil moisture sensor probe, rain, and light sensors will deliver important and timely information for more productive gardens/farms and healthier plants.

This data will include weather conditions affecting your crops, the water content of soils to plant root levels, rainfall rates for your season and region (of course for outdoor garden sites/farms), and average ambient light levels for your garden or farm location.

Teachers can give real world context to these sensors students develop by also adding our Sustainable (Regenerative) Agriculture course (see course below) and then deploying their sensors in their own research plots.

As noted, if you choose to network your students’ sensors into our Global Sensor Data Network (GSDN) – (see our Online Data Onboarding and Dashboard Service option below) your students will be contributing to a worldwide citizen science project that OPEN is conducting with scientists, other schools and universities, policy-makers, and OPEN partners such as IBM Weather and Climate modeling division (EIS).

Course Structure

1st course module of 4 course modules in the series


All pricing in USD

Institutional Price: $2,500 (Weather Station, Air Quality and CO2 Monitoring Sensors) – For 25 Students ($100/student)

Individual Learner Price: $200/student

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Special Offers/Discounts (if any): Initial 10% off for first two weeks after launch


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