OPEN’s Joint Effort in Sustainable Agriculture


The article by Andrea Ouyang, “OPEN Sustainable Agriculture Experiment with SenseCAP on Jamaica Farms,” highlights a transformative initiative undertaken by One Planet Education Network (OPEN) in collaboration with our partner, Ruel Corniffe, our organic farmer and telecom engineer.

At Ruel’s farm in Hanover, Jamaica we deployed a Seeed Studio IoT LoRaWAN network to demonstrate the power of climate smart farm technologies to help local smallholder farmers across Jamaica improve yields using real time data to monitor soil moisture, soil temperature, CO2, air temperature, humidity sensors.

Utilizing the advanced IoT technology of Seeed SenseCAP sensors, this joint venture aims to also revolutionize farming practices in Jamaica through our research on regenerative and organic farming. By closely monitoring environmental parameters with our sensors, while concurrently field testing the effects of regenerative and organic farming on a typical Jamaican farm, we’re enabling Jamaica farmers to see firsthand what regenerative farming can do for them. With the addition of IoT sensors farmers can make data-driven decisions that can further improve soil health, make their land more resilient to regional climate change impacts, while boosting crop productivity and income.

This approach to regenerative agriculture not only aligns with our mission to support the UN’s 2030 Sustainable Development Goals, but also exemplifies how technology can bridge the gap between traditional local knowledge and modern sustainability practices.

To delve deeper into the details of this collaborative effort and its implications for the future of agriculture, we encourage you to read Andrea Ouyang’s full article here. Join us in celebrating this achievement in our ongoing quest for a more sustainable future.