Bungoma, West Kenya Lead Case Study in OPEN’s Sustainable Agriculture & Forestry Series

Butonge Primary School students

Butonge Primary School students working in bush bean plot

Students from 10 schools in Bungoma, Kenya a West Kenya farm region county, are working with local Ministries of Agriculture, Environment and Education, and OPEN Teams local and remote, to restore soils, lessen erosion and chemical fertilizer and pesticide use.

Bungoma is our global case study, but they have been joined by schools in other several other counties of Kenya to continue and refine their reforestation efforts, and to also improve agriculture food and export crop yields. Ten schools in Liberia, Aboriginal communities across New South Wales Australia are also joining Knox Grammar, schools in the Eastern DR Congo, Hawaii, NY City and Syracuse, NY and hopefully soon Haiti and Uganda.

Our global sustainable agriculture education effort is being led by Kenya with assistance from many OPEN students, universities, and professional expert advisors worldwide, and Season 2 field preparation and planting has just commenced in Bungoma.