George Newman


George Newman is the Founder and CEO of One Planet Education Network (OPEN), a social enterprise focused on developing STEM+ Project-Based Learning, online educational programs, technologies, and services. His early vision for the positive use of the Internet for cultural understanding, education, and knowledge exchange, particularly during his time as a consultant to an MIT Sloan School committee in the early 90s, has influenced his approach to education. At OPEN, he leads initiatives that bring together students and underserved communities worldwide through STEM+ project-based learning programs, aiming to positively impact the learning process and contribute to repairing the planet.

Travis Teague


Travis Teague as the Chief Technology Officer at One Planet Education Network (OPEN), is at the forefront of the company’s Technology and IoT development initiatives. Renowned as a specialist in LoRaWAN blockchain-networks, he brings a wealth of knowledge in embedded systems, enterprise and mobile software, as well as IoT solutions. His career includes co-founding and leading a handheld medical device company, demonstrating his capability in technical leadership. Additionally, Travis is actively involved in multiple IoT and STEM training programs in Houston and leads the vibrant community of the Alexa Developer Slack, showcasing his commitment to technological education and community building.

Ruel Corniffe

Telecom Engineering and IoT Consultant

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