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Message from Our CEO

Hello everyone,

I’m George Newman, Founder & CEO of One Planet Education Network (OPEN). For over a quarter of a century, OPEN has been continually pushing the boundaries of education. Our Mission: To enhance and enliven the traditional learning experience with new technologies and tools, and to inject real-world relevance into education.  Today, OPEN not only serves the education sector as we have since our inception in 1998, but also the commercial, NGO, and government sectors.  Our global network which includes learners, customers, and partners now spans 17 countries.

At present, OPEN’s technology focus is on IoT and AI for sustainable community development.  OPEN’s Products and Services equip our learners and customers with the knowledge and tools to effectively address our shared global challenges – food security, climate change resilience/mitigation, ecosystem restoration, stabilizing and increasing biodiversity, supporting community emergency services, and farm security.  Our education, training, and systems integration solutions cover many of the UN’s 2030 SDGs – including zero hunger, climate action, quality education, gender quality, partnerships, and life on land goals.

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