OPEN and the Forestry Training Institute (FTI) in Liberia Join Together to Deploy Internet Sensors

to Monitor and Measure CO2 and other Greenhouse Gases (GHGs) to Support Climate Research

Recently OPEN and its partners, Helium Foundation, Ubidots and Seeed Studios deployed a small testbed of Internet sensors and a weather station to measure greenhouse gases initially CO2 on a small area on campus. This is the foundation and preliminary testing of our systems for acquiring and sending data to our dashboard systems (see screenshot of the data set below from CO2 sensors 1 and 2).

The goal is to expand our sensor network there across the FTI arboretum and scientifically track and measure the sequestration of carbon in native forest flora and trees over a two-year period with our science research team from the University of Maryland. Simultaneously, we are developing courses on the technology and related climate topics to enhance and advance the curricula and programs at FTI, and make FTI a “living lab” and leader in climate research in Liberia and West Africa.

Our goal is to more accurately measure carbon capture in rainforests for ecosystem restoration and reforestation efforts to obtain proper levels of carbon credits for countries doing their part to diminish their carbon emissions, and offset those of polluting nations. A byproduct is to build local capacity and for FTI to graduate a well-educated new generation of forestry professionals equipped with transferable skills in technology, climate change science and data analytics.