OPEN Announces its Strategic Partnership with GLAMOS

The Leading Remote Testing Tool for LoRaWAN Helium Networks

OPEN is thrilled to announce its strategic partnership with GLAMOS, creator of the most advanced network testing tool for our fast growing Helium LoRaWAN backbone networks. Our networks connect our 24/7 mission critical sensors for our clients in the agriculture sector, and soon related applications for security, forestry, and water management.

George Newman, Founder of OPEN, “With this indispensible tool, we can now finally remotely monitor network conditions and optimize its performance. GLAMOS will help us to test network status on different locations, find the best locations for our sensors, and easily create indoor and outdoor coverage maps. This will be a huge value add for our widely dispersed client base even now in the early stages stretching across Australia, Africa, the USA and Caribbean. It has been a time-consuming hassle on all sides when trouble-shooting offline devices and systems. As our network rapidly expands in 2023 as we project, this device will become vital to manage our operations which already span almost all time zones.”

We invite you to please check out the great product set from GLAMOS and we both would be happy to support your every related IoT network support needs –