OPEN Partners with Le Rêve de Gaïa of Southern France

An Innovator in Sustainable Community and Human Development

OPEN partner Le Rêve de Gaïa has become a real world testbed for our comprehensive smart farming solution. Bringing together OPEN strategic IoT sensor network partners Helium, RAKwireless, Seeed Studio, Ambient, and Ubidots, we have built and deployed a network solution, that will deliver data to the managers of Le Rêve de Gaïa, which will be shared with our OPEN students worldwide learning data analytics. It will also further demonstrate how sustainable agriculture and forestry can be applied, not only in Southern France, but for the benefit of farmers, schools and communities everywhere transitioning to a more sustainable lifestyle and economy. Please see Seeed Sensors, RAK-Helium Hotspot-Gateway (sensor relay), Ambient Weather Station, and Ubidots La Reve IoT sensor data display graphs in slide presentation.

“Le Rêve de Gaïa”, led by Margot Gels and Antoine Prins, is an eco-preneurial project that aims to create a self sustainable living system where we form conditions under which humans, animals and nature can exist in productive harmony. Herewith, we would like to set an example of how sustainable practises from different aspects can easily be integrated in everyone’s lives. By doing so, we hope to inspire others.

The main goal of the project is to set an example for a self sustainable living environment for humans, animals and nature. By providing concrete techniques and practises we hope to inspire others to adopt some of these into their own lives. Since its existence, mankind has learnt to live as an integrated part of nature. From this viewpoint we would like to highlight five aspects within the project:

    • Living from the forest: turning monoculture spruce plantations into natural thriving forests.
    • Living from agriculture: Trying to become as self-sufficient as possible. Applying permaculture principles when growing food.
    • Living with animals: We sustain a variety of livestock in a respectable way, which allows the wellbeing of animals to be a central aspect of our project.
    • Sustainable construction: We try to use as many local and natural construction materials as possible.
    • The magic of life: We would like to serve as a platform where we can share visions and where topics such as personal growth, inner freedom, the way we experience reality etc. are approached from creative, philosophical, scientific, metaphysical and spiritual disciplines.

For more information about La Reve de Gaia project please check out their website –