OPEN’s Strategic Partner for Colombia and Latin American Education Technology Markets,

TEC12 Launches a Program for Smallholder Coffee Farmers to Monitor Soil Moisture and Temperature to Improve Coffee Crop Yields and Quality

Our partners at TEC12 have successfully deployed our Seeed next generation soil moisture and temperature sensors at 20 smallholder coffee farms in the coffee growing region outside of Medellin. Thanks to generous support of RUTA N organization, Seeed Studio, Ubidots and OPEN, coffee farmers are working alongside TEC12 team members in deploying and integrating the IoT Internet sensors and networking systems.

Farmers are also being taught all about these new advances in smart farming and how this breakthough technology can better inform coffee growers, by giving up to the minute information on what is going on in the sub-surface soils and at root level to take immediate helpful action. We will keep you posted as this and related projects progress with our great partners in Colombia – TEC12 and Ubidots!