It proved to be an uplifting ending to 2022. On December 15 we brought together for the first time ever most of the OPEN teams across 15 countries. Right on time at 9 am Eastern everyone began pouring into the session.

People came in from the following countries — All across the USA, Kenya, Liberia, DR Congo, Malawi, Nigeria, Jamaica, Trinidad, China, Colombia, UK, The Dominican Republic, Haiti, Sweden, Ukraine!

OPEN Founder Newman first gave a brief intro laying out the agenda for the global round robin. Newman then thanked everyone for their incredible work and dedication, and gave a brief synopsis how far OPEN has progressed in recent years, and the work and great opportunities that lie ahead.

nWe had technology and education partners, Government Ministry officials, University partners, leadership teams from many countries, the core OPEN team, and other supporters near and far.

nThe Zoom lasted almost two hours, but it wasn’t dull. It was super engaging and fun, and showed the passion, camaraderie and commitment of everyone to our underlying mission to:

    • Help make the world a better place for future generations
    • Help heal the planet
    • Build capacity in developing countries
    • Have children everywhere have the same opportunities to learn new skills for rewarding jobs
    • Promote scientific literacy
    • Build lasting bridges between our diverse cultures by promoting justice, love, and respect for our fellow humans through OPEN’s education work

For those who were not able to join from a few other countries (Argentina, Australia, Croatia, France), we are editing the recording some for you and for all who attended.

As promised, we are also going to set up a discussion forum and area within our online learning portal for ongoing exchanges among us. One never knows what great initiatives, opportunities, and new partnerships might arise from that.

And now every year at this time I think it would be a good idea to do this again, to take stock and plan together for that bright future ahead.