Sustainable Agriculture & Forestry Global Citizen Science Research Program – Bungoma, Kenya

Updated: Nov 11, 2019

Lead Case Study: Bungoma, Kenya.  Live Event from our gracious host’s coffee farm, Honorable Mr. Wangamati Senior in Bungoma County, Kenya.  

Presentations from Ministry of Agriculture and Mr. Wangamati – Early project success from Bungoma school test plots and future research goals were presented by Mr. Emuria and Mr. Mangoli from the Ministry of Agriculture, Bungoma unit. Then Honorable Mr. Wangamati Senior discussed Bungoma Farm Business and Coffee Farming, and an appeal to the young students of the world to help. This was followed by a lively student Q&A.  

Participating countries, primary & secondary schools, university schools of agriculture – Kenya, USA (NYC, Hawaii), Liberia, DR Congo, Nigeria, and Ghana.  Brilliant exchange – knowledge and inspiration from all..for all.  More to come.  Stay tuned.  Come join our OPEN Global Education Adventures – to do so write us at: