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Interviews Dr. Sara Seager, Prof of Planetary Science at MIT

Sara Seager is an esteemed astrophysicist, planetary scientist, and a professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Holding the Class of 1941 Professor Chair, her groundbreaking research has largely focused on exoplanets, specifically those orbiting stars other than the sun. Her work includes the detection of exoplanet atmospheres, formulating innovative theories about life on other worlds, and developing novel space mission concepts.

Interview with Dr. Nicholas Pilcher

Why Sci? Team Interviews Dr. Nicholas Pilcher, Marine Biologist and Turtle Researcher and Conservationist. This interview was conducted via multipoint videoconferencing with our interviewers at University of California at Berkeley and Dr. Pilcher in Sabah, Malaysia. The multipoint session was managed via Skype by George Newman, in Scituate, Massachusetts, USA. Dr. Pilcher’s work and research is conducted all across the Indian Ocean basin from Oman to Malaysia and every country in between. Hear him explain his life’s work, and what is fun and continually motivating him to protect these important species and the ecosystems across the world upon which they depend. Please also visit Dr. Pilcher’s website: http://www.mrf-asia.org/index.cfm

Interview: Professor George Church

George Church is a renowned American geneticist, molecular engineer, and chemist, born on August 28, 1954. His early education was at Phillips Academy in Andover, Massachusetts, followed by Duke University, where he completed a bachelor’s degree in zoology and chemistry. Church’s research work began at Duke University, focusing on biochemistry. Despite facing academic challenges early in his graduate studies, he persevered and eventually earned a PhD in biochemistry and molecular biology from Harvard University in 1984.