Two International Distance Learning Sessions Featuring Professor Eran Egozy of MIT

Attended by Schools and Partners From Eleven Countries

On Three Views of Music: Entrepreneurship, Technology, and Education

People came in from far and wide and were treated to the most interesting and educational story of how it all began from Eran Egozy the co-founder of Harmonix Music Systems creator of hugely successful music video games Guitar Hero and Rock Band.

Blending his love of music with his interests in technology, Professor Egozy demonstrated many of his early prototypes of Harmonix interactive music systems, and explained the milestones on the long road to success of an entrepreneur, his current work and continuing passion expressed in his corporate mission – To Let Everyone in the World Experience the Joy of Making Music!

Professor Egozy fielded many excellent questions on his career, technologies, and business experience from our students from New York City, North Carolina, USA, the DR Congo, Kenya, Australia, and from our global audience. Everyone learned a lot from each other and had a really good time. More to come down the line, the wonder of music bridging cultures, from OPEN and Friends.