Volcanic Soils in Hawaii – Kua O Ka La New Century Public Charter School and DR Congo Schools

Updated: Jan 6, 2020

screenshot from Hawaii Volcanoes International Distance Learning Session

Hawaii Volcanoes International Distance Learning Session

Our OPEN school, sadly destroyed by the huge eruptions and lava flows from Kilauea volcano in the summer of 2018, taught our global students real life lessons in Hawaiian cultural spirit, school spirit, and community resilience. Led by Vice Principal Denim Cretton and teacher Jen Johansen, Kua O Ka La has recreated their beautiful gardens lost in the eruption and have now fully joined our global sustainable agriculture experiment. They and their Korean advisors and soil experts are going to offer a great deal on growing healthy indigenous food crops in volcanic soils.

These Hawaiian volcanic soils for agriculture will be compared to the Mt. Nyiragongo Volcano soils in the Democratic Republic of the Congo schools led by our sustainable organic agriculture experts there and agriculture teacher, Justin Amani, at the Ecole d’application de L’isp Bukavu – EDAP/ISP, and our great teacher Erik Mupanda, at Cinquantenaire School, and our volcanic soils in Bungoma, West Kenya from Mt. Elgon.