VR of Test Plots in Australia

Updated: Apr 8, 2019


Knox Grammar school in Sydney, Australia has created the first 3D VR “look around” visualization of their OPEN sustainable agricultural test plots in campus gardens and paddock.

This 3D view of Knox will be able to be “experienced” by partner schools around the world using simple inexpensive VR headsets with the 3D files downloaded to their smart phones. This will be a model for other OPEN schools to follow in showing their project work and cultural heritage.

Bungoma, Kenya’s schools and farms, our lead agriculture case study, now has a 3D camera capable of the same, donated by OPEN. Bungoma schools can now have remote OPEN students “virtually” visit their schools and farms in West Kenya as if they were there.

We leave it to the young OPEN students in this and our other sustainable community development programs to create their own VR stories around these subjects and about their daily life, arts, music, dance and more.

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